Making a difference to how you look and how you feel

Coaching Services

Our Bodywise Coaching includes:

1. Initial consultation

* assessment to determine your goals
* your athletic history
* overview of your new programme

2. A periodised training plan

* detailed daily training schedule
* ongoing email & phone support

3. Monthly personal consultation and review of programme

* discussion & feedback on progress to date
* programme modifications
* updated training schedule

4. Ongoing Advice

* race preparation - mental strategies both before & during
* selection of appropriate equipment & clothing
* how to fit your training in your life

5. Sports Nutrition

* eat to optimize your training
* appropriate hydration levels
* pre/during/post event diet

We recommend a minimum of a 12 week programme to achieve a noticeable result.

Other Services we can help you with:

  •  Resistance Training Programmes involving a specific detailed programme designed to complement your training programme
  •  Postural Analysis looking at overall posture & how this may impact on your ability to perform at your best
  • Pilates & Core Strength Training teaching technique to enable your body to operate efficiently. Certified Pilates Instructor.
  • Practical Technique sessions in each discipline
  • Road bike - hills/speed/bunch riding
  • Running - speedwork/agility/hills
  • Swimming - breathing/sea/drills
  • Transition Training

Coaching Fees:

* Initial Consultation $120
* Monthly fee of $120-200 to be paid in advance. This includes your detailed daily training programme and ongoing support via email or phone.


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Ph: Jenny 0274 780 272 E: