Making a difference to how you look and how you feel


  • In March 2009 following blood test results showing elevated cholesterol levels I decided to stop kidding myself that my summer clothes were shrinking in the wash. I was at that stage in life when you realise the term ‘middle age spread’ was becoming a reality. By April I had sought nutritional and exercise advice which started me on a journey to look after myself.
  • "I have been going to Jenny for about 3 years now, and am, thanks to her, in the best shape of my [middle aged] life. A dozen half marathons and an off road running series and I can now almost call myself a runner, which is remarkable. Jenny’s guidance, skill, knowledge and experience has been vital for achieving these goals I never knew I had! I recommend her highly, thanks Jenny"
  • "I have been with Gayle now for over 2 years and she is fantastic! She is positive and enthusiastic, a great motivator and a lovely and caring person as well. I now look forward to my training sessions. Gayle has become a good friend and confidante. A whole new dimension has opened up for me."
  • I would highly recommend Bodywise to anyone. My recommendation is based on their professional, honest and caring attitude toward the well-being of their clients.
  • " Thanks again to you – as yesterday when I was tired (running Manukau Half Marathon) on the way back I thought ‘Gayle is going to be there, I better not wimp out’ – I am sure it gave me another 2 mins!

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