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Caroline says

In March 2009 following blood test results showing elevated cholesterol levels I decided to stop kidding myself that my summer clothes were shrinking in the wash.  I was at that stage in life when you realise the term ‘middle age spread’ was becoming a reality.  By April I had sought nutritional and exercise advice which started me on a journey to look after myself.  Having been a keen Bodywise Pilates member for a number of years I struck up the courage to ask Jenny Green for an exercise programe which would help target my trunk fat whilst retaining my muscle mass.  Since then I have been doing the Group Personal Training sessions each week which have kept me motivated.  To date I have lost 5.8kgs in weight, decreased my body fat mass by 6.8kgs and improved my BMI to 23.0.   My cholesterol levels are coming down and I now find my clothes are too big for me!  Having an experienced personal trainer like Jenny has made it possible for me to achieve my goal of having healthy cholesterol levels, improving my fitness and strength plus feeling a lot better about myself. 

Caroline says

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